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Why Video Is Your Most Important Marketing Tool in 2022

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Video marketing is not a trend; it is the most versatile tool in the present day and will continue to be in the future, to grow your business. A premium quality, relevant video will catch the user’s eye far quicker than reading a wall of text. With today’s competitive industry, video is the edge you need to move ahead.

Corporate Video for Leon's Countertops
Video Production

Increase Traffic and Views

Video content has ever-growing importance, especially for brands searching for ways to stand out, spread their message and increase traffic. A quick look on social media makes it abundantly clear how powerful a well-crafted video is and how many views and new prospects you can generate with video clips. Premium video content can increase traffic to your social media pages, website, and more, making it a marketing necessity.

Video Content to increate traffic and views
Video Content

Create Shareable Content

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to establish brand trust. Video content makes it easy for your fans to spread your content to their family, friends, and audience, so you consistently have new people visiting your brand pages. Video content is a force to be reckoned with and only gaining prominence, making it vital for savvy brands. The biggest challenge is creating shareable content, which we do with creativity, storytelling, quality production, and much more.

Viral Video
Sharable Video Content

Retain Attention

It's not just about reaching your prospect - it's about making them remember. Consumers remember 95% of the message when it is watched versus 10% when it's read. This means you draw your prospect's attention and stay on their mind - especially when it comes time to purchase. Best of all, videos can be used to deliver several different messages from building awareness, establishing trust, supporting the community, and generating sales.

Increase Conversions

Increasing your conversion rate is the best way to maximize your ROI. Even short and simple videos can have a huge positive impact on your conversion rate. This becomes even more important as more and more brands incorporate video into their product page, social media outlets and video platforms. We specialize in getting your message across so prospects not only understand but take action.

Built For Mobile

As mobile gains more and more of the marketplace, it only makes sense to create and provide premier video content. People do everything from their phones, especially when it comes to watching videos. We ensure your videos are made for the mobile audience so it quickly captures and holds their attention.

Video gets share a lot on mobile
Video for Mobile

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